Feb 19, 2014

Daily rings

I don't know when I became such a ring hoarder, but I think it happened some time in the past year or two. I'm not that into necklaces or earrings, but rings... I mean I've got 10 fingers so I'll stack away! I guess that's why I'm into these more minimal and dainty guys. I've amassed quite the collection in the past year. Here are some of my favorites (click to see larger photo).

1 // I ordered this little silver number for my pinky size, so it's quite a precious one. I found it at one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry and home goods, Still House. It looks amazing in gold too.

2 // This horizontal bar ring by Blanca Monrós Gómez is no stranger to this blog. I pretty much never take it off.

3 // The talented Stephanie Duval of the blog 70percentpure gifted me this beautiful piece from her collaboration with Diamanti Per Tutti.

4 // Another Still House gem. This one is from their in-house line.

5 // A Catbird exclusive, this moon ring works perfectly stacked with number 9 on my grid.

6 // This purchase is one of my best kept secrets (and I almost don't want to give it away). These rings set me back like $9 each; I love them to death, and they definitely look more expensive than that. It's from this fantastic Etsy seller.

7 // A little signet ring for my pinky, also by Blanca. This one isn't online, but I'm sure you could order one with her if you like.

8 // Unsurprisingly, this fox ring is a real conversation starter. After I wore this on my Iceland trip, I ended up ordering two for friends abroad. I also found this at Still House (though I can't find it online now), but it is by designer Ria Charisse.

9 // As mentioned above, I usually stack this one with my moon ring, though it's cute on its own too.

Couldn't resist a gratuitous ring shot with my moon nails. :)


  1. Gorgeous! I love those moon nails too.

  2. Beautiful rings! I didn't think I'm a jewelry person until I was organizing my jewelry box not long ago. I love looking at them and buying them, but I always forget to wear them.

  3. What a lovely collection (and lovely nails!). I'd love to be able to own a few of Blanca's rings myself. Her whole line is on my wish list.

    I do have one question. I know you've done more than enough by sharing your Mary John secret with us, but I can't find the bands you listed (or any bands costing even close to $9) on her Etsy page. Did you buy them awhile ago?

    1. I did get them a while ago - unfortunately I don't think she has them anymore. Could be worth asking if she'll custom make them though?

  4. I am in love with this post! I, too, hoard dainty rings like no other and I feel naked if I'm not wearing at least one ring. I can see another evening going in a blink just from browsing Etsy jewellery - thanks for linking! You've inspired me to do a similar post soon :)

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  5. I love your rings (and the lovely Catier bracelet)! Thin band, simple, dainty rings are what I'm into, so thanks for sharing where you got them!

  6. I love the second ring, the flat bar is so simple but quite a statement for a delicate ring! and nice nails, if I ever get my nails done they just chip off in minutes ...

  7. Oh these rings are so so perfect. Wish this was my collection!

  8. I'm always into accessorizing. Love your choices. These are simple, but I can see you wearing them. I started looking forward to seeing your pictures more and more, everyday. Just love them all. <3


  9. What a lovely collection of rings! Thanks for this detailed post, I've noticed your rings in a few previous posts and wondered where some of them were from. I fell in love with the moon ring from catbird a few months ago but unfortunately hesitated from buying it.. they no longer sell it now-but I believe you just gave me a few more places to look :)

    I absolutely love your blog by the way, it is definitely one of my favorites..


  10. I have been obsessed with dainty rings, but I couldn't find anything I liked. Your links are satisfying my need of dainty rings.

  11. oh my gosh - such a treat to see my ring included in there :) i love how you have a story for each of the rings, and i'm betting i'm not the only one jumping up and down from excitement getting such a close-up of your gorgeous collection!

  12. The nails! The manicure! GORGE!

    I'm especially enamoured with 2, 4, 6 and 9! I'm chasing minimalist rings at the moment since buying my Aurelie Bidermann, which hasn't left my finger since I bought it (this has never happened, except for my e-ring and wedding ring).


  13. PS. I am also enamoured with several rings at Sarah & Sebastian: http://www.sarahandsebastian.com/

  14. beautiful collection & I love the photo at the end :)

  15. they are all lovely, I don't really wear rings but these make me want to start!

  16. Gorgeous. Am such a huge ring fan. They're all lovely, but I'm especially loving the 70percentpure and the #4 Still House rings.

  17. I don't have a lot of rings, but your collection is so beautiful it inspired me to go out and find some more. :)

  18. I absolutely love your nails, and love love love your rings!

  19. they look beautiful all together! but my personal fave is the first one for your pinky - so elegant!

  20. I looove the nails. Too cute. I might copy that. The rings are beautiful.


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  22. Oh, these are so lovely. I want them all but I have four rings that I never take off and no slim fingers left! Having pudgy child hands is a cruel curse...

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