Jun 19, 2014

The Navy Blazer

I've been searching high and low for the right lightweight blazer - ideally, it would have cropped sleeves, not scream "finance interview outfit", come in some neutral color, and be short enough for my petite frame. I think I've found one as close as I can get, short of designing one from scratch. This Rag & Bone blazer immediately caught my attention while browsing one day, so I took a chance and ordered it.

Let me tell you, it is not easy taking photos of yourself when you've lost your camera remote shutter. Not only did I set up a light, I used a tape measure from the camera to where I was standing so I could figure out where to manually focus the lens to. For each shot, I'd hit the shutter, head back to the mark on the tape measure and wait for the 10 seconds to run up. It sounds crazy, I know. A live-in photographer would be nice, but you do what you gotta do. So if these look a bit silly, that's because I felt quite silly doing it.

I think this blazer feels polished without looking too stiff. I also tend to push up the sleeves and always wear my blazers unbuttoned for a more casual look. I sized up because I do have wider shoulders, but I think I could have stuck to my usual too. Though this blazer is not a particularly wallet-friendly option, it's a piece that will get a lot of wear (and bonus, it's made in the USA).

Blazer (I ordered mine from Matches - insanely fast shipping for being in the UK) // Jeans // Tank // Shoes


  1. Oh Alice, I totally feel your pain. I do the same thing when I have to take photos of myself, marking on the floor and all! One of the reasons why I rarely show my face on my blog. The navy blazer is gorgeous on you :)

  2. That blazer is absolutely gorgeous - particularly the slight shimmer of the fabric

  3. WOW so amazing!
    Love it!



  4. The blazer is gorgeous! I especially love the hardware on the sleeve. -Katie

  5. Really lovely blazer and great cut on you. I think jackets are one of the hardest items to buy online. You've done well here :)

    Ps with respect to your comments about the photography - there is always AUTO mode and then Photoshop :P

  6. haha babe, it's very you. I love your minimalist style:)


  7. Blue black and gray – azarduous, and yet it looks great here combined together. Thanks for the highlight – love the un-ironed top, very casual and also very handy :)

  8. How did the tape help though? I just try to focus back and forth till i hit the spot.

  9. Sans shutter — now that is dedication. You look amazing.

  10. I love the color and cut of that! But $500 for a blazer is not in my price range right now.

    I just got a DSLR and is looking to purchase a remote for my camera. Do you have any tips for this?

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